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The Journey of CLARI Skin Care – Maker of CBD Infused Products

Pollethe Ramirez, the CEO of CLARI Skin Care recently featured in a podcast hosted by Scott Hawksworth- The CBD Guide. In the podcast, Pollethe shared her journey on how CLARI Skin Care started and what led her in this direction.

Pollethe struggled with acne breakouts as an adult. It was an unpleasant surprise to say the least. After all, she had never had acne as a teenager.  She tried a bunch of different products but nothing seemed to work. She realized that all of these products and treatments were just too heavy on chemicals.

Wondering how to get rid of acne, she came across CBD (Cannabidiol). Having been a naturalist all her life, she decided to learn more about this phytocannabinoid and how it could help. CBD cooling cream for pain relief

But she soon realized that several skincare products that were claiming to be CBD weren’t really providing any significant benefits as there was no natural infusion of this compound in them.

This is when the thought of becoming an entrepreneur instead of a consumer crossed her mind. She could launch a skincare product that truly had the ingredients that so many other products promised but never delivered.

As Pollethe began diving deeper into the subject, she gathered more information on the cannabinoid and how it was regulated or grown in different jurisdictions around the world.

Thereon, her friends and family members, including her mom chimed in and tested the formulation, both as a pure skincare product and as a body treatment when used in combination with a cooling rub.

The feedback from friends and family members during the trial phases of Pollethe’s CBD-infused skincare product was obviously quite valuable to her.

Pollethe now recalls how she has had customers who within one week of using CLARI skincare products, reported significant improvements in skin hydration levels and skin complexion, or how it improved their natural glow. 

Based on the feedback that she has received, she has reasons to believe that CBD skincare product has been received well mainly because of how it helps the users achieve that coveted ‘natural glow.’ Cooling rub too is a hit as it helps with the body. Plus, its peppermint fragrance gives out a soothing vibe too. 

Asked about why someone should take the plunge, and consider trying out CBD skincare, Pollethe explains the benefits at length.

She believes that one shouldn’t hesitate or shy away from checking out the ingredients right away. By all means, one should read the fine print and find out if it says full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

People who are using a Cannabidiol-infused skincare product, particularly women, should check if the solution they want to use on their bodies can deliver results in case of acne, anti-aging signs, or inflammation. She asks users of CBD skincare products to do their research.

When using such a product, consistency is the key.CBD Cooling Cream Uses

One should continue following the regimen even if there are no results for a week or two. It might take up to four weeks for the product to work. That’s roughly about time the skin cells begin to transform. This holds true for any kind of skin treatment. However, if the body doesn’t react well in the beginning, by all means, one should stop using the product right away.

During the podcast, Scott touched upon another important aspect concerning misconceptions about CBD products. So he asked Pollethe to clear the air.

Pollethe says that the one of the most frequent misconceptions about a CBD product is whether it can get someone high! That’s preposterous, obviously. But, it goes on to show that there’s a serious disconnect between what companies creating and advertising such products want to tell people and the sort of questions the target audience has in their minds. She thinks people should just dig a little more and yes, use Google to validate facts or bust rumors.  

She herself has been trying her best to educate customers of CLARI Skin Care as much as possible. She says that her company doesn’t try to make any claims. It’s about being completely transparent with the customers. So, CLARI Skin Care provides the complete information, including the list of ingredients along with transparency.

CLARI Skin Care celebrated its one-year anniversary recently. The journey began amidst the pandemic. Listen to the full podcast!