Face Cream For Winter

Essential Fall Skincare Tips for 2020

The coming of fall may signal the start of drier skin for many of us and we’ve put together some great fall skincare tips to help you, and your skin, live through the seasonal change. Summer gives us hot and humid weather, so it’s easier for the skin to retain moisture and protect its barrier function. Most of us are also more attentive during summer, especially when it comes to applying SPF. As the weather cools down in fall and winter, it tends to dry out the skin, leaving a path of flaky and reddish skin behind. The loss of moisture tends to compromise the skin’s barrier function, so we need to put in some extra work to keep our skin glowing and happy.

Here’s a few fall skincare tips to remember:

  • Use more moisturizer or change to a thicker face cream for winter
  • Avoid harsh exfoliation 
  • Continue applying SPF to protect the skin from UV
  • Use products containing vitamin C for an extra protective antioxidant boost

The Perfect Face Cream for Winter

If you are looking for a thicker face cream for winter, our CBD day cream is the perfect addition. CBD oil is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, two potent antioxidants that can help to fight against the cold harsh air and protects the skin barrier function. It is also anti-inflammatory and can reduce the redness and irritation caused by dry and flaking skin. The addition of ingredients like aloe, carrot root extract and avocado oil, will help to lock in moisture and support the skin in regenerating. This means that your skin will build up layers faster and provide better protection against moisture loss. If you are worried that a thicker face cream for winter will worsen acne breakouts, don’t. CBD is a great ingredient when incorporated into a face cream for acne. It can actually reduce redness and acne flare-ups while protecting the skin with no pore clogging.

Fall Skin Care Tips

In addition to a thicker moisturizer, you can consider adding a lovely protective nighttime serum to your beauty routine. The CLARI Night CBD Facial Serum is a potent restorative and hydrating boost for your skin. It does all the work while you sleep, leaving you with a beautiful and glowing skin in the morning. Our CBD day cream and CBD facial serum work in perfect harmony and is the perfect skincare for dry skin. We only use the purest form of hemp extract and all our products are vegan, cruelty and gluten free.

Winter Skincare Tips to Keep in Mind

Ramping up your moisturizing routine during fall and winter will protect your skin against drying out. However, it may still not be enough to fight off the effects of icy weather. There’s a few more things you can do to help protect your skin even further. Here’s some of our best winter skincare tips:

1. Stay hydrated

In winter we tend to stick to warmer drinks, like coffee. Caffeine can dry out your skin, so make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated on the inside. Or skip the caffeine all together and stick with herbal teas with soothing ingredients like ginger, honey, and mint.

2. Humidify your environment

Rooms and offices that use heating will have extremely dry air. Add a humidifier to increase the moisture content in the air. This will not only be beneficial for just your skin, but for your eyes, nose and throat too.

3. More vitamin C

As we mentioned above, vitamin C helps to fight off damage caused by free radicals. Our CBD products contain high concentrations of vitamin C, but you can increase your intake of high vitamin C foods like oranges, blueberries, and strawberries for an extra boost.

4. Avoid retinoids and harsh exfoliation

Cold weather already makes the skin sensitive. Avoid irritating it even more with things like retinoids, harsh peels and over exfoliation. Rather book yourself in for a facial if you feel you have to have one of these treatments, than doing it at home

5. Don’t forget the rest of your body

It’s not just your face that will be suffering in the cold air. Your hands, limbs, and feet all need an extra bit of moisture too. You can add a natural bath emollient to help the skin stay moist, and you can invest in a thick body cream without irritants, perfume or colorants to protect your skin, especially if you are prone to getting eczema during the colder seasons.