CBD Night Serum

About CLARI’s Night CBD Facial Serum

You’ll embrace each morning looking and feeling refreshed with our Night CBD Facial Serum, specialized for nightly use. This lightweight serum is simple to use and helps achieve the glow of effortless, ageless beauty. Before bed, apply the cream to your freshly cleansed face and allow it to fully absorb. This product is optimized to work with the skin’s natural overnight processes, so keep it on overnight and awaken to beautifully revitalized skin. Sweet dreams!

What Are CBD Cream Benefits?

There are numerous CBD cream benefits to help you achieve youthful and radiant skin. Using CBD for skin care is the latest trend, and for good reason. This incredible plant compound is a powerful, naturally occurring ingredient that has become essential to the most luxurious and effective – skin care routines.

CBD Facial Serum

5 CBD Cream Benefits

Repairs and restores dry skin

This beautifully textured serum can help rejuvenate thirsty skin that needs it most. It provides rich hydration while soothing the skin and bringing it back to its most vibrant condition.

Delivers gentle moisture

Rich in essential fatty acids, it gently hydrates the skin. No more heavy face creams – our Night Facial Serum kisses the skin with delicate moisture that lasts.

Contains anti-aging antioxidants

Daily use of CBD facial products can help combat signs of aging and keep you looking as young as you feel. Since it comes from the hemp plant, this compound is rich in antioxidants that help counteract free radical damage and refresh your natural radiance.

Combats fine lines and wrinkles

The best quality CBD cream is rich in vitamins that nourish the skin. Vitamin A can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while Vitamin C is essential to boosting the skin’s collagen levels to help you achieve a gorgeous glow.

Facilitates skin healing

Because of cannabidiol’s ultra-effective soothing properties, this cream helps to calm the skin from everyday environmental stressors such as sun exposure, irritation and redness.