CBD Beauty Products

5 Reasons To Include CBD Beauty Products In Your Beauty Routine

CBD (cannabidiol) beauty products are all the buzz lately, and rightfully so. Extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, cannabidiol is a cannabinoid with no adverse psychoactive properties and the oil has been researched for its various beneficial effects on the skin.

5 Reasons to include CBD facial products into your beauty routine:

1. Antiaging

CBD can help to fight the signs of premature aging by stimulating collagen production in the skin layers, smoothing out fine lines.

2. Increases optimal skin hydration

The skin barrier is our first line of defense against our environment and we need to keep it moisturized so it can do its work. The fatty acids in CBD oil locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing the whole day. 

3. Fights oxidative stress caused by the environment

Cannabidiol is rich in antioxidants that help to eliminate toxins and protects our cells against oxidative stress. The skin is exposed to all kinds of pollutants and stressors every day that cause damage to skin cells and can lead to premature aging. Protecting it with an antioxidant-rich oil is our best weapon.  

4. Anti-inflammatory and oil balancing

Worried about redness, scarring and acne? Worry no more. Research studies have shown that CBD can actually reduce inflammation, redness and scarring on the skin. It can even be used to relieve flare-ups for skin conditions like eczema. 

5. All natural

CBD contains no synthetic substances that can be harmful to the skin. 

Where To Get CBD Products?

CBD Beauty Products

Okay, you are probably wondering where to get CBD products now that you’re convinced that you just have to add them to your daily beauty routine. Most sellers are small artisanal skincare companies specializing only in CBD beauty products that sell them through an online shop. If you do a search for CBD products on Google or Instagram, you will get quite a few different results. CLARI Skin Care provides high quality facial topicals with transparent ingredients.